Help to buy scheme

Help To Buy Scheme

What you need to know about the Help to Buy Scheme.

If you are a first time buyer and have worked in Ireland for 1 year or more, you can avail of the Help to Buy Scheme from Revenue. You can claim up to €30,000 which will be used towards your 10% deposit on your new home.

Here are the main points:

It’s a tax rebate scheme provided by the Irish government for first-time homebuyers of newly built homes.
The funds will go towards your deposit & are claimed at the point of signing contracts (regardless of the completion date of your new home)
You can get up to €30,000 depending on the income tax you have paid over the past 4 years
Help to Buy cannot be used to purchase previously owned or second-hand homes.
Revenue will reply to you within a few days outlining the amount of the rebate you qualify for.
The HTB scheme is due to expire in December 2022 so in order to avail of this you would need to sign contracts and pay your 10% deposit prior to December this year.
All Frisby Homes houses qualify for the HTB scheme

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