Energy Efficiency

Heating Your ‘A-Rated’ Home


BoilerZone Control/ ThermostatsCombined Fuel Burning Stove

Your new home is fitted with an Ariston Clas HE System 18kW Boiler. This is a High Efficiency Gas Boiler that operates at 94% Efficiency.

Older Boilers greater than 10 years old are at best are 80% efficient and with wear and tear are usually less than 70% efficient. New A-Rated Boilers require less maintenance and come with full guarantee. That’s a Saving of 25% on your existing heating Bill. For more info go to- (

Don’t forget your new gas boiler requires yearly servicing by a competent certified service person.

For better control of the heating/ Water by timing and specifying the areas and times to come on.

Your new home is fitted with a beautiful Henley Aran 6KW Stove. This creates a great focal point and acts as another cost effective heating source. Open fires are wasteful of energy with more than 70% of the energy going up the chimney.



InsulationAirtightness (Draughts)Windows and Doors

Foxwood Homes have way in excess the market norm for insulation. This means when your home heats up it stays warm. The more insulation equals the more thermal comfort and lower bills for the home owner.

We use Xtratherm (Market Leader) High Density Insulation in the walls and floors and rock wool in the attic. Spec is as follows:

Floors- 150mm (Traditionally 50mm Increase of 300%) Walls- 110mm (Traditionally 50mm, Increase of 220%) Attics- 400mm (Traditionally 100mm Increase of 400%)


Foxwood houses all pass an Air Pressure Test. This means that your new home will be free from draughts and uncontrolled air infiltration.

In traditional houses, air leakages are the major source of energy loss. The climate in Ireland does not suffer from extremes in low temperatures, but are exposed to extremes in wind pressure

We use A-Rated Air-Tightness Tapes and Sealants around all the windows, doors and openings. This eliminates draughts and heat loss.

Do NOT block vents as these new homes are extremely airtight and insulated. This can lead to Condensation, Dampness and a Build-up of carbon dioxide monoxide.

Traditionally windows are the biggest source of heat loss in an older house. We use a top of the range ‘Passive House’ Window from Cresthaven. Now the windows act as a further insulator.

Low-emissivity glass ‘low-e’ glass – The low-e glass has a microscopically thin metallic layer on it that prevents the transmission of infrared radiation, i.e. heat from the warmer inner pane to the cooler outer pane and thus more heat is retained.


Argon filling: The air between the panes of glass in double/triple glazing is acting as a layer of insulation.

Thermal break: This is where the frame is akin to a sandwich, i.e. it is split into internal and external halves and the two halves are joined together by a material of lower conductivity. This reduces the amount of heat lost by being conducted outwards through the frame.

Regularly apply Lubricant (Vaseline/ Oil) to all moving parts to ensure long-term use. The doors have 5 Point locking system, so be careful when closing that the handle is in the neutral position (horizontal) so not to damage lock.

Electricity in your ‘A-rated’ home

Your home is supplied with a complete electrical installation for your convenience and comfort. The installation has been carried out by qualified electricians and in accordance with ESB requirements. The fuse board and meter are located in a convenient position. Other than resetting the trip switch and replacing bulbs, it is extremely dangerous to tamper with the installation itself or other household electrical appliances. Should a fault arise, be sure to call an electrician.


All our standard appliances are A-Rated. A-Rated appliances consume 55% less energy than older D-Rated units.

“A fridge and freezer is likely to be responsible for 7% of your overall energy bill.”


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